You might notice I actually got engaged ages ago. I attempted to plan things. We at one stage actually BOOKED a venue. But we had to cancel that booking because my big FAT Vietnamese family doesn’t fit.

We originally booked Showtime at South Wharf, but they only fit 200 people sitting down with a dance floor. Sounds pretty big until you realise my family is 200 people!!

I tried to argue with mum that I did not want kids at my wedding. My theory was if they are still in school they should stay home. My mother’s view was how do you invite your cousin and tell them to leave their kids at home, who will baby sit the kids? All the relatives are at my wedding. I do not care who sits their kids, hire this magical thing called a BABYSITTER and honestly I don’t care if they come!!

But apparently NO! I must invite my cousin that I only see at weddings and funerals, plus their annoying little kids that I don’t give a rats ass about ( to be fair I probably care more about the rat’s ass)

Now I’m not saying I don’t like my cousins and extended family, they are lovely. But if I invited you and you couldn’t make it, you would RSVP sorry can’t make it. END OF STORY. but noooooooooooooo not only do my family not RSVP they randomly just ROCK UP!!!!

My sister just got married, we had to call people to RSVP, they then said nah only 1 person will come. Come wedding day, their family of 5 came! 5 people!!! What the F, where do you seat 5 freaken people!!

After my sister got married, Nathan and I cancelled the booking, there was no way my big FAT Vietnamese family would fit and would correctly RSVP.

This is what Showtime looks like.

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