So I kinda need a wedding dress…. you know getting married and all…

I will go the standard “white” wedding dress…. ignore the “purity” sentiment, we all know that left the building years ago.

I want a backless, strapless puffy fluffy dress, that makes me look AWESOME!

I already picked my non puffy fluffy dress that I will change into after I’m done with photos and I’m attempting to move around the venue. Its this awesome Anna Campbell dress. I’m avoiding ‘Sylvia’ because that’s what my cousin wore at her wedding….. or was it ‘Melissa’ (trolls facebook to check) Actually I have no idea but either way I’ll stay away from them.

I’m really loving “Aisling’

images from

I want beads/sparkly things on my dress because they seem like all the rage. This is starting to feel impossible…..

My mother also wants me to find some kind of dress to hide my tattoo. i have a “&” on my left side between my shoulder and collar bone….. Lets face it that not going to happen… but she has hope.

Wedding ideas are a plenty, Wedding actual stuff booked or ready

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