Things I plan to DIY, because well i’m crazy and it’s cheaper

My flowers
Yep my flowers, Thursday morning i’m going to the market and i’m going to buy pastel colored roses and lot of wild flowers!

Save the date cards, invitations and all things paper
I’m gonna design them myself and get them printed at Vista Print!


at the moment i’m thinking painted wine bottles.

I’ll post the progress here soon but at this stage I’m still just drinking wine

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6 thoughts on “DIY – wedding

  1. I DIYed almost my entire wedding! I made ribbon rose bouquets and decorations and gold glittery mason jars, (both of which I have tutorials for on my blog) and then I did white Christmas lights all over and paper lanterns scattered around the ceiling. It was gorgeous!


    1. Also, just a tip, START NOW. And make sure you finish the DIY stuff at least a month before your wedding. Preferably more. Omg. I literally finished it all the night before my wedding and it was awful. You can avoid bridezilla a little longer if you are prepared. Just saying.

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      1. I bet you can find some at thrift stores and yard sales too, if you’re wanting to do them earlier. I had about 5-6 months from the time I got engaged to the time I got married and my stupid lazy self decided to do it the last week haha.


      2. my friend works at a cafe so I’m hoping her boss will let her take some home. I don’t want to pay for empty bottles, I rather buy $4 cheap wine and have a very dirty night with friends 🙂


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