I read everywhere that its “My” wedding, my sister and cousin who recently got married and my cousin about to get married all said its MY wedding…

But is it really your wedding?
I can 100% say its not “my” wedding. Yes I am the bride and Yes Nathan will be the groom. But its NOT MY WEDDING.

I like to think of it more as the first party that Nathan and I will host for everyone (also the last). I want to make sure my mum had a good time. My Vietnamese traditions are upheld. The guest partied all night.

I think by thinking of it like this I can sleep at night.

Nathan and I want to have a completely different wedding then what we are planning. Dont get me wrong what we have planned is lovely. But its no beach party.

Nathan and I want to hire a huge mansion on the beach. Do a semi Vietnamese tea ceremony along side a walk down the isle ceremony then just have cocktail style party for the rest of the night and party all weekend.


So Instead Nathan and I are having a Big small half fat Vietnamese Wedding.

Nathan and groom’s side will come to the Bride’s house and do the Tea Ceremony ( le vu quy) People then get fed! Nathan and I can then go get photos
typically if Nathan was Viet or Chinese we would go back to his and do tea their too. But he ain’t so I won’t. Also we say its a tea ceremony but we don’t serve tea, we serve COGNAC at 10am. 🙂

Then the reception, we have cut out the church because neither of us are really religious and well my extended family doesn’t really rock up to that. So instead Nathan and I will walk down the isle at the reception SOO they can’t escape it MUHAHAHAHA.

I was forced to invite you, so you’re forced to watch me get married BOOM!

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One thought on “My Wedding – Your Party

  1. I totally get it. Believe me when I say that. Everyone couldn’t be happy for us. Everyone had an opinion…so one weekend we went to Reno. Do what you want. It is YOUR wedding and ultimately your life. I will never be awful when my kids get married, if they choose to at all because I know how it feels. Best wishes to you for a beautiful life✿✿✿✿✿


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