I’ve decided I’m going to have a good hair week. I’ve been growing my hair for months now, I really want nice long hair and recently I noticed hey you know what my hair is pretty long.

I’ve recently fallen into the trap of just doing the basics with my hair and not really giving it the loving it deserves. So this week for 7 days I’m going to have a good hair week.

My plan is to do my hair every day and learn how to do a fishtail braid.

My hair today on Monday, I only decided today that I will have a good hair week so not much attention was given to my locks this morning.


As promised I learnt to fish braid. I’m not going to do a how to because there were over 1 million how tos on YouTube. But I will say watch a video. Picture instructions just don’t cut it.


4 thoughts on “Good hair week

    1. Ive been dying my hair how years but i guess ive had very good hair procedures. Plus atm im only beaching my ends so my roots are still very nice. And i dont use hair dye to dye my hair i use tint.

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