I painted my nails last night, a new color I’ve never tried before. It was also a brand that I don’t normally use either.

Introducing truth or flare by Essie

truth or flare by Essie

This is how it looks on my nails
collection-shade_truth-of-flarePro: Essie dried pretty quickly

Con: Tiny brush

Price : $16.95 for 13.5mls

Honestly I feel like I put slightly blue white out on my nails. My nails are so bright, I haven’t come to enjoy this color yet. Also side note Essie has a small brush compared to OPI and China Glaze. So I wan’t very good at applying the polish on and I think I will need a few coat when I get home. This is a minimum 2 coat polish. To be completely honestly I think with it’s price point I rather buy OPI
I’ll update in a week to let you know how long it lasted.

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5 thoughts on “truth or flare by Essie

  1. I hate when they give you a small brush because there’s more opportunities to mess up the coat. I can’t remember when brand I had before but the brush was so big it covered my whole nail in one swipe, it was awesome! Thanks for sharing, it’s a nice color but I agree probably too expensive for all the cons.
    xoxo, Sam


  2. I love all mint nail polishes, but I dislike Essie because they are pretty expensive and the brushes are small. I have a bunch to complain about, wear time, not opaque within one coat, etc.


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