Day 1 Bare face

Hate having to do this right now I have a major pimple that has moved in on my face recently and won't vacate. But for my 30 day make up challenge here is my bare face... I really hate not having at least eyeliner on So I haven't done my abs or squats but the [...]

April Monthly Challenge

I love monthly Challenges  I Love Love Love Challenges. I think its my competitive nature, my inner I can do anything! I love starting challenges and see how long I can go before everything turns to Sh*t. I make no promises I'll make it to the end.... I never do, some things yes most things [...]

Urban decay come at me

today is Ud day at Mecca Maxima, people have been online since 5am just to get their place in line!!! I'm So happy the UD is finally in Aus. I've wasted so money trying to get my UD naked palettes. Unfortunately I had to work and couldn't take today off, but I'm sure to hit [...]

Good Hair Tips

Get rid of static in your hair by using dryer sheets. Make your ponytail look fuller by using the hair clip trick. To remove all of the build up that can happen in your hair mix baking soda in water to create a paste, and use that to wash your hair. Rinse the baking soda [...]