So I’m currently sick in bed and if I can’t do it while I’m lying horizontal snugly in bed then I don’t want to and I really can’t do it.

But I thought I would string together a list of my current loves.

These are the things that I love the most (currently)

MOR Hand & body milk – Marshmallow – $34.95

OMG if you haven’t smelt this you are missing out! Plus it helps that lotion is moisturising and soaks into the skin really fast, leaving you with no oily or sticky residue. But I have to say the best part about it is the packaging holy moly the packaging to everything MOR is amazing. 

Fudge Paintbox – Pink Moon – $18.99

Everytime I see this on sale I go overboard buying this. This is why my hair is the awesome color it is. I love this stuff to bits I know there are other alternatives but nothing as good. It just has the most brilliant pink colour.

MAC Studio Fix – NC40 – $49

I have combination skin and this is my total favourite powder. I love this to bits I can’t imagine me ever changing, I used to use nude mineral powder but honestly nothing beats this powder. It has great coverage and it last all day.  I never break out using this, however I do not recommend using the sponge the comes with it, I think it applies cakey.

Moroccan oil treatment – $55.00rrp

The ends of my hair are really dry I think it has something to do with all the bleach, but you don’t get to have pink hair without bleach when your natural colour is black. Moroccan oil has really saved my hair but you have to use this sparingly and only on the ends. I have really dry end but super oily roots. Yeah my hair is a bundle of joy.

Urban Decay Naked 2

I haven’t put a price for the UD palette because you can’t really buy in here in Australia at the moment, but this is my favourite of the 3 palettes. The range of colours is great there is a good range of day and night colours as we’ll and shimmery colors. This is definitely my go to eyeshadow palette.

Sorry it’s only a short list but I’m seriously so sick at the moment.

See you all soon.

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