I’ve decided to start the tag M4L –  Make up for less.
So we all know I went purple lipstick shopping recently but I actually didn’t purchase any of them as Amazing as some of them were I wanted to prove something.

Side note, this probably wasn’t the best time for me to be appearing in front of a camera, I’m actually still really sick.  Another note sorry about the lighting currently moving about in my house (long story)

So here are the ones I did buy, the only reason I didn’t splurge on an expensive purple lipstick is I’m still not sure if I like the trend or what actual shade I like on me, I’m not completely sold.

Brand: Face of Australia
Range: Lasting Looks Lip Creme
Color: Til Plum In The Face
Price: $10.95

I think this photo didn’t do this lipstick justice its much darker I felt so much more vampy then this photo lets on. It has really good pigmentation and its very moisturizing, but it will rub off. It has no longevity, but the color is great and with its pricing point I can’t afford to reapply.

Brand: Australis
Range: Colour Inject
Color: Mash Up
Price: $12.95

Colour Inject Pinks & Purples

Texture is great and creamy, very pigmented, average longevity, no shimmer and minimal shine, plus they don’t bleed or seep into the cracks or lines of your lips. I honestly have nothing bad to say about the Colour Inject range its just perfect staple lipstick.

Brand: Australis
Range: Velourlips Matte Cream
Color: TOK-I-O
Price: $9.95
Velourlips Matte Cream

The pigmentation and longevity of this product is seriously amazing and it doesn’t transfer onto anything! However you must let it dry and set completely before you go about your business. Otherwise it may not stay as long as it can. Also, making sure you apply a decent amount of product (well, a reasonable amount.. not like a cake) during your application allows better staying power too. Also you would want to start of with nice lips, cracked lips and Velourlips is a big no no.

Total spent: $33.85 for three lipsticks, I’m pretty happy with that. Now I can go back to hugging my hot water bottle and waiting for my medication to activate.

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