Sale Time

Let start with the disclaimer, I know this can get a little messy. I am in no way associated with The Iconic, I just shop there. If you don't already know then you now know THEY ARE HAVING A SALE 70% OFF SHOES Last sizes!! But still 70% Womens Mens

Tea + Toast 

This morning I had the pleasure of attending T2teas Tea + Toast. I invited my bestie, Laura, to join me and I must say we had a blast. I also learnt I'm a tea pusher.  I push people to drink tea. DRINK TEA!! Of course Laura and I then continued downstairs for shopping. Here is [...]

What do I do…

So today I met a fellow Melbourne blogger Ricky from (food blogger!!) Ricky asked me what do I blog about.... My first answer..... Me Now to think about it, let's go with "lifestyle", ME sounds really self-absorbed But let's explore my past week seeing that I'm indulging myself. I met up with the bundle of [...]

I really need a holiday

I normally don't do this but hey why not. The mX(Australian newspaper) is running a competition to win a chance to win a trip for two to Hollywood! Entries are now closed, but I would love to win!! If I was to win Nathan and I will use this trip for our Honey Moon!! A girl can dream........ [...]