Another day filled with TEA!!
SOooooo much tea, I’m sure if you read this blog you realise I’m a tea pusher.
So I was invited to a T2 party and of course I was there with bells on, I invited a friend and off we went.


Laura and I got a little lost in Emporium, completely Laura’s fault she said we had to down a level when we should have gone up a level.


     I hit the bar……. the TEA BAR

I’m pretty sure I hit it hard.

T2 ran a little short how to brew and mix teas, I really wish they did a recipe list of their teas. I know they tell you all the time its personal choice. But I can’t remember for the life of my wish tea mixes with what.

The pink pot in the photo is Strawberries and cream with Green Sencha, ratio 1-1.
And it was delicious the strawberries and cream is the stronger more dominant favour.

But of course it wouldn’t be a party without Cake.


 And again I spent more money then I should

But hey now I have yummy tea 🙂

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