I love yum cha, I feel my inner Asian calling out for one more Pork dumpling. It’s not always easy taking friends to eat yum cha but I think Oriental Tea house is like the best east meets west experience. They have amazing dumplings and a heaps of Asian inspired dished that are a bit more suited for the western palette. What I’m trying to say if you want the authentic Chinese yum cha experience Oriental Tea House isn’t that. I know that because Warrick likes it here. As much as I love you Warrick, your food repertoire is vanilla.  Laura and I love it here, maybe it’s the tea, maybe it’s the San Choi Bao, but whatever it is I love it.



Left is the Chicken San Choi Bao and Right is the Honey Pepper Steak
The Chicken San Choi Bao is amazing the bamboo really give the dish an unexpected flavor but it is amazing! I really need to learn how to make the slaw that comes with the Honey Pepper Steak.

  My all time favorite is the Peking duck (Left) and right is pretty self explanatory.  

My favorite tea there the Peach Melba severed iced.

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