Late night Kmart run. 

I love going to Kmart and seriously Kmart recently have really revamped their style. Anyone who knows me, knows that late night Kmart runs are a ritual for me. When I was young I would tag along with older friends. When I was 18, I worked at a bar and would go at 4-5am after my shift with Tim. But whenever I was bored or just wanted to catch up with a friend it was a Kmart run usually at night ….late night.

 I’ve gotta say it – how awesome is Kmart these days? Kmart has always been an affordable shopping option, but now their stuff is not only amazingly cheap they are so stylish!

There is something from Kmart in every room of my house!

Anyway I had a point to the Kmart praising. I was just there and OMG they have some cute stuff. 

Everything that I brought tonight.

                  Above is their current homeware style catalogue. Seriously Kmart is amazing.

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      1. Haha, well I’ll let you know when my birthday next comes around and we can see if you’re feeling generous!

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