Subscription Beauty boxes Australian edition

So I recently join yet again another beauty box subscription, this time moxie box club. It’s a really simple idea. Moxie send you 5 items for $30 and you get to pick which 5 and when roughly your box gets delivered. Their instructions are

  1.  Fill your box
  2. Join the club ( it uses pay pal)
  3. Your box arrives

So now I wait for my box to come…. Insert crude joke here. I really like the idea of this, I personally have no issues buying fem items. I’m a person who buys it in bulk from Costco or every time I see it on sale. Same with toilet paper. There is sooooo much toilet paper at my place. Continuing on. Here are my favorite subscription boxes.

  1. Bella box ($15)
  2. Her fashion box ($39.95)
  3. Lust have it ($19.95)
  4. The parcel ($29.95) – Quarterly
  5. Dollar shave club
  6. Harvest Box
  7. Paw bag
  8. Loot crate 

Bella box, Her fashion box, Lust have it and The Parcel are beauty boxes. Subscribers receive monthly(/quarterly) beauty products and samples delivered directly to their address. I don’t recommend having all 4 boxes. I recommend trying all 4 for 3 months. The subscriptions you can cancel at any time with no fees. Then pick your favourite, having all 3 is SAMPLE OVERLOAD. 

There are plenty to choose from, it really depends on your personal taste and budget.

The Dollar shave club is a great way to get razors for the clean shave and never have to you a dull blade ever again.

Harvest box delivers yummy snacks to my desk on the days I select , which if you choose could be every day!

Paw bag is for my baby dog. He loves tearing everything apart. 

Loot crate is my inner gamer/collector/nerd haven, they send cool stuff gaming, movie and comic relates

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