I dye my hair a lot. It that’s a lot of time and effort to have red/pink hair. I say red/pink because I go in between the two often, pink hair just doesn’t really sell corporate professional, not that red really sells it either.

I have a very expensive hair routine, which consists of:

  1. bleach
  2. dye
  3. weekly red/pink colour shampoo – maintain colour
  4. fortnightly semi-permanent red/pink dye – refresh colour

Step 1 & 2 are like DEATH TO HAIR! Plus my hair is very long any the moment so its just straw at the ends. And I’m fine with this I like coloured hair and this is how I live now.

Every fortnight or once a Month depending on hair condition, I give my hair a treatment, a new one each time, I like exploring everything. Priceline had a 40% off hair care sale too, so why not.

Lee Stafford

I tried the Breaking Hair Treatment.
This is meant to get deep down into the cortex to help build, repair and rehydrate breaking hair. Make each and every piece of hair feel sensationally smooth and healthy with this beautiful treatment.
Side note: I hate the typography with a passion. I can’t StaNd tHe RanDoM caPitaL LeTTers.


About the product:

  • Easy to use
  • Good Value
  • Smells good
  • Lightweight


I can honestly say I really like this product it made my hair feel and smell great.

Bottom line: I would recommend it

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