I’ve been growing out my hair now for a while. It’s actually harder than expected. I always suddenly get urges to cut my hair shoulder length or a v bob. I’ve actually cut my hair into both those styles and loved it. But my dream goal is to have my hair belly button length.

Hair inspiration – Miley Cyrus (long hair)

The Struggles of Long Hair
Here are the issues no one tells you about.

  • Drying, straightening or curling your hair takes forever
  • Your hair gets stuck in everything, scarves, zippers, jewelry, mascara ….everything
  • You end up just putting it in a ponytail all the time
  • If it’s a windy day and your hair isn’t tied up, your life is over
  • There is hair everywhere, your end up shedding more than your cat and after a shower there’s a lump of hair mush….sexy
  • A messy bun looks like a bird has moved in and is now living on your head
  • If you get sweaty your hair sticks to you in the most annoying ways, on your forehead or worst in your armpit
  • Food getting stuck in your hair
  • Better yet accidentally eating your hair
  • When you rest your sunglasses on your head it will turn to poop when you try to pull out your glasses
  • Your hair gets really brittle at the ends so you cut the split ends of but your split end have split ends
  • Glossy lipgloss is a NO
  • Open windows while driving is a NO
  • Your hair tie will break all the time
  • You have to constantly clean your clogged up hair brush
  • When anyone is running their fingers through your hair, we all know the tangle is coming
  • You have to buy shampoo and conditioner in bulk
  • You have to work out the perfect balance to washing your hair, DO NOT condition your scalp but extra conditioner on your ends.
  • When all of a sudden you feel something on you and cold-sweat panic thinking it’s a bug or spider, but really you’ve shed one very long hair.
  • You get angry when people post up pictures like I woke up like this, it makes you die inside, but you convince yourself that they are lying, no one with long hair wakes up like this….you think

But even with all that I love my hair long.

One thought on “Long hair – the struggle

  1. Solidarity with your struggle! My hair mid-length atm and seems to be staying that way when all I really want is to spend summer with a mane of beautiful hair! It needs to grow.
    The list of long hair stuggles made me feel better about my situation though!

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