I seriously have been so lipy lately.

I normally don’t make this many blog posts but urgent news calls for urgent posts.

Kendall Jenner Has Her Own Estée Lauder Lipstick

You can shop Kendall Jenner’s Estee Lauder favourites here 

Her new signature lipstick shade called Restless is described as part poppy, part orange crush, all matte, all Kendall.
It comes in a matte black tube with Kendall signature on it.

Kendall has been promoting it already on her instagram page

The fans certainly seem to agree. Withing 15 hours of first posting it on Instagram, the photo has nearly nearly 900,000+ likes

Estee Lauder shared on Twitter that Kendall and her pretty pout tweeting: ‘When Kendall Jenner comes up with her own lipstick shade, you know you need it’.

But seriously when it comes to style Kendall is killing it
She is all over Vogue.

And if you have been paying attention to her instagram page, you knew this collaboration was coming

She total slayed in this dress

Its time to get #restless


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