I’m a big lover of Biore’s nose strips. I love looking at the strip after I’m done with it and thinking ewwy but also being so utterly satisfied. So when I was invited to try the new Biore Range I was super excited. I had actually seen the product in store already and was planning to buy it but knew that I’m already the proud own of aisle 4.

A little about me: combination skin, oily T-zone. My routine for washing my face: I always remove makeup first. I don’t use a cleanser for the bulk of makeup removal. My skin still thinks I’m going through puberty.


Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser – RRP $10.99
I tried the cleanser first, it has the perfect pump dispenser, it gives you just the right amount to wash your face because you only need a little as it foams up very nicely. The whole range is black to emphasise the charcoal but it foams to be a white foam and there is a very pleasant scent that is light and does not linger. I actually really like the smell.

Upon application, there is a nice tingly feeling that makes you think its really doing something. I don’t have overly sensitive skin, I’m normal with an oily T-zone but some products instantly over dry my skin and then cause me to break out, I find that it is gentle enough to use twice a day and has helped to clear up some of my acne and to balance my combination skin. I find it did really help to clean out my pores. After washing with the cleanser, I was really pleased with the results.

Bioré Pore Penetrating Charcoal Bar – RRP $4.99
If you have body acne I can’t stress how much they product is GREAT! I’m lucky enough not to have body acne but I still tried the bar on my face and body. I was though hoping for more a scrub at the bar does claim to draws out and binds to deep-down dirt and oil for 2.5x* cleaner pores. I will say it’s a great soap, I felt really refreshed and again there is a very nice tingly feeling. This doesn’t lather or form up


Bioré Charcoal Pore Minimiser – RRP $10.99
I feel like I’m starting to humble brag a bit but again I don’t have large pores but that doesn’t mean I didn’t love this exfoliator! Charcoal Pore Minimiser is like a thicker version of Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser. I comes in a toothpaste like bottle (its just what I associate this style of bottle with) that flicks open and disperse a small amount of the gel and again it’s pretty much the perfect amount.

Again you will find that this product also gives your face a bit of a tingle too, I personally like this but people with sensitive skin probably not. It did cause a temporary redness right a few use but that can be expected with an exfoliator. Remember to moisturise after.

Bioré Charcoal Self Heating One Minute Mask – RRP – $7.99
In the package get four of single-use mask serum. For the mask to work you face needs to be wet and it heats up instantly upon contact with water, don’t worry it doesn’t get too hot. OMG I wasn’t expecting to love this but OMG did I love this. I loved the heating so much, I don’t know why but I did. I highly recommend it. It instantly became one of my favourite face masks. It works so well, it’s not the kind of mask that gets hard or dries, which I loved because masks that get hard you need to make sure you don’t move your facial muscles. Instantly after washing this off I notice immediate smoothness, my pores weren’t as visible and they looked really clean.


Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips – RRP – $7.34
I will have to update my blog tomorrow, but here is the main thing I’ve been using all the cleaners and masks and have loved the results so much I actually don’t think I need to use the strips!!! But I’ll wack one on tonight! 



Charcoal might not seem to be the first ingredient you think of when it comes to cleansing your face because its black and kind dirty but actually has amazing cleansing properties. It helps to draw out impurities in the skin and is the key ingredient inside the new range. Plus did you know that not only is Bioré the number one facial cleanser in Japan, but in Japan they have been using charcoal for years for its beauty benefits, as Bioré have said “We like to think of it as a dirt-magnet” 

Draws Out All Impurities
Easy to use
Good value
Smells great

Some contain skin irritant menthol
Some contain potentially skin-irritating peppermint oil.
Some contain soap ingredients which can be drying.

Where to buy:

Priceline (you can buy it online)
Chemist Warehouse (you can buy it online)
Big W
And other selected pharmacies

Where my skin was at after a week

Thank you AWPR  for supporting me for this review and especially Kristina for sending me the products to review. My reviews are based on my personal and true experiences. I only recommend products that I truly support.

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