Hello lovelies,

[ Side note ] It’s been 1 whole week since I’ve posted something, still trying to put my life back in order. Cassie and Johnnie’s wedding was AMAZING!

I had my first makeup trial with the AMAZING Trang from Doaner-fide.
I was actually the first wedding the Doaner-fide has booked. Trang is a friend of my sister but I guess I’ve been around them and well stalked her online social media enough that I have always admired her work.

Originally I was actually going to do some crazy time-management tight schedule planning and get my makeup done at INGLOT and Napoleon Perdis at their concession stands at a very local shopping center. Everyone thought I was being crazy. But at $89 per person with product redemption it’s hard to beat, plus I’ve never walked away from them unhappy with my makeup. It wasn’t because I was being cheap or trying to save, it was a matter of I wasn’t really happy with the MUAs that I have experienced. Many times after having my makeup done professionally, Nathan has stated “babe I think you do a better job yourself”

In a moment of genius I asked Trang, she was actually hesitant at first but I wanted to at least do a trial. I’ve followed her Instagram for ages now and love her makeup and her. I wanted someone I wanted to deal because wedding day stressful enough. I didn’t want someone that I couldn’t trust and that I would sit there thinking I could do this better or OMG OMG is this going to be okay?

Laura and I went to have a makeup trial with Trang and well we were both blown away by her knowledge and MAKEUP COLLECTION! I felt like I was in Mecca or Sephora, I touched EVERYTHING, took photos and I didn’t feel like someone was watching me thinking ‘lady this is the 5 lipstick you tried, you better buy something’.

So I have booked Trang and she will be doing my makeup and all of my bridesmaid makeup and I’m really super excited about it SHE IS AMAZING!

I’m going for a very nude and simple day look but I will have a more smokey eye later in the evening. While my bridesmaids are getting full smokey eye all day.

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