Winter is probably drying your lips out while in summer they get burnt, it seems like you really just can’t win.  But its okay you don’t have to break the bank to make them better

Best Drugstore( I know that a really American term but will we all understand what it means) Lip Balms under $10 AUS

Everything on this list is purchasable at Priceline, local pharmacies, Target, Kmart, Supermarkets and department stores.

I as always I mention Priceline because they are really convenient and there is store 2 blocks down from me.

Burt’s Bees

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Really nice smell and taste, leaves a tingly sensation on your lips. The lip balm can be waxy for some


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Not the nicest smell but it instantly works on your lips.Its amazing! If you have extremely dry lips try Carmex.

Nivea Lip Care

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Nivea have heaps of different flavours and colours to choose from and they are all amazing I have Nivea fruity shine strawberry lip balm because it has a small amount of tint too and its just works amazingly


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I don’t think I know someone who didn’t have at some stage or another own a chapstick. It’s always been a favourite because of its low price, but high quality moisturizing capabilities.


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At one stage in high school I think everyone had a Blistex lip balm, the little pots were amazing because even if they get warm or hot the lip balm doesn’t melt.

Babylips by Maybelline

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Very cute packaging however the lip balm can be very drying for some lips. Does smell amazing though! Really good for a base lip balm under lipstick.

Lucas Papaw

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I love Lucas Papaw but I don’t think I ever managed to empty one. I would always lose it before then. It works for lips, skin, nappy rash and many more uses.


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Vaseline is perfect to apply at night before heading to bed. Next morning you wake up with perfect lips. When I was a kid this was all I used.

My favourite and the one I use daily that isn’t a part of this list but I need to mention it

 eos Lip Balm ( this one however I brought from Costco)

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EOS has delicious scents and organic formula. Smells great and look very cute in my bag.

 What’s your favourite lip balm? Let me know in the comments below!

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