BB, CC and DD creams, get to know your creams to know what’s right for you!

What they t do (well meant to anyways) moisturise, prime and provide sheer coverage.

BB cream 

So BB was the first one created in Germany but became HUGE in Korea and the BB stood for Blemish Balm and when they hit the US market they were then renamed Beauty Balms
An all in one day cream is a good way to think of them sheer foundation sun protection, skin lightening, and anti-aging ingredients. Side note Asian BBs different to Western BBs, Asian BBs included ingredience for whiter appearance on skin. While most Western BB creams are lightweight tinted moisturizer with a natural to sheer appearance and the sunscreen base may or may not contain mineral actives.

Simple version: smooth skin, oil control, SPF, blurs fine lines & wrinkles, hydrates, firms ,long wear, minimizes the appearance of pores, Oil-free, complexion enhancing, primer, brighten dull skin, improves skin texture, evens skin tone.

CC Cream

CC stands for Colour Correct, they normally provide more coverage than BB…normally. Most of them provide better coverage of flaws. It meant to be lighter than BB and well its main use is to correct colour related issues like reddness.

Simple version: improves discolouration, primes, perfects,  helps with dark spots and sun spots over time, oil control,  minimizes the appearance of pores, SPF, leaves skin radiant, smoothes complexion, firms

DD cream

There aren’t that many DD creams just yet, but DD stands for Daily Defense or Dynamic Do-all. Depending on brand, they are all a little different but they are meant to give more coverage than BB, but they also give you anti-aging benefits.

Simple version: anti-aging, primes, buildable coverage, lightweight,  minimizes the appearance of pores, SPF, leaves skin radiant, smoothes complexion, firms, brightens.

Every brand makes different version of the BB, CC and DD cream, so I don’t think there is a holy grail out there in general but there could be a holy grail for YOU. Each cream and or brand works differently, so it’s about finding one that works for YOU!

here’s a cute cheat sheet I found on you beauty

7 thoughts on “Know your creams

  1. Thank you for this post! I’ve heard of BB and CC creams, but never really knew what they were about. I’m not surprised I never heard of a DD cream before this. Do you have any suggestions about who makes them yet?


  2. Hi Juliette. Thanks for liking Artsymakeupmom. Love your post about the types of beauty creams. The article is simple and easy to understand for anyone. Take care and I’ll be looking for more great articles!


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