My sister said something to me recently and it really STUCK!

My big sister Linda Loves her Skin and recently I spent an evening washing my face and doing face mask with her and what she said to me really seemed to stick and resonate in my head.

Love your skin, spend money on good skin care. Now I’m not saying the more expensive something is the better. While sure, expensive products are going to work for you, so will a much cheaper option. But don’t ever cheap out and not buy important things like suncream and moisturiser that is SUITABLE for YOUR skin.

Skincare items to splurge on:

Makeup remover – A good makeup remover will save you on makeup remover and help your skin quality at the same time.

SPF – I can’t stress this enough, get a SPF and a good one too. OR at least get something with good coverage.

Serum/Treatments – High performing ingredients that aren’t always cheap, but a good one is worth every dollar

Moisturiser – day – Get the right one for your SKIN, your skin will thank you for it. Once I found my daily moisturiser, my skin condition actually got better, so I now use less make up and I need less attention to breakout and get less crazy skin days.

Dedicated Night cream – Get a night cream, your skin at night does different things than during the day, maybe it’s because there isn’t a giant star radiating in the sky.

Cleanser – Get something that washes your face well that isn’t too harsh.

Facial Oil – Yes you can get cheap ones but you will soon learn they are worlds apart from the ones made by doctors and those fancy french dedicated salon brands.

Thing to consider to add to your routine:

Eye Creams: you can get away with a cheap one if you have a very good serum.

Face masks: a lot of the  time the drug store ones are just as good as the expensive one.

Scrubs: drug store ones are fine, just make sure it isn’t too harsh on your skin.

Don’t break the bank with these:

Floral water or some kind of refreshing spritz – it’s just water.. plus fancy smells and maybe extra product

Clay masks – You could pretty much go buy a bag of clay and some magnesium mix with water and paint your face and it would be the same.

Love your skin

What are your thoughts on skincare products?

3 thoughts on “Love your skin

  1. Thank you for these tips! I used to be so stuck whenever I’d go into Boots and they’d ask “what is your skincare regime?” ’cause I don’t have one! I just moisturise daily, and I used cleanser before but it was really harsh so I haven’t been back there.
    I’ll take your advice on eye creams though.
    Also, what’s an SPF?


  2. So true, the one thing i regret not doing earlier was eye cream. I only started using it when I was 23, a little too late now so I have invested a lot on eye products, great post. I have also followed you on instagram. =)


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