I know I actually blog about the Kardashian and Jenners a lot but why not, if you love makeup and beauty, Kim and Kylie’s makeup is ON FLEEK. Kendall in a model!!! This family seriously are just raking in the money for the simple fact that they are famous. I know I read a lot over the internet that X, Y, Z person is saving the world yet all over the news is Kylie’s new lips but it isn’t their fault that the media is choosing that to post all over the world. ANYWAYS

The Kardashians and Jenners have new appsKylie Jenner's App Tops iTunes 

Two days after announcing their apps at the Apple store in Soho, the Kardashians and Jenners are crushing the download charts — and beginning to rake in cash. They are on pace to make $32 MILLION!!! PER YEAR!!!! businessinsider.com

But guess who’s app is killing it….. King Kylie.
According to TMZ here’s the breakdown: 74% Kylie, 11% Khloé, 9% Kim, and 6% Kendall. Kylie Jenner’s new app is number one on the charts, beating out Facebook’s Messenger app, Facebook, Instagram, and even Snapchat.

Seriously that’s some major money because it’s actually a month subscription of $2.99 per month, but you get a lot stuff that isn’t on the news or social media it’s special only for the app. Plus you get the whole copy her look for less and each girl has their own thing they do Kim has her Obsessions, Khloé Fitness outfits., Kylie: Music recommendations, which link to iTunes and Kendall New York Fashion Week stuff but all the pics are from last year, which is disappointing.


So from the press conference they announced that they chose to launch five different apps as opposed to one  Kardash-Jenner app about all of them because they wanted to show their individual passions and personalities because they are all different ( also because there is more money to be made). They will share many more photos and videos on their apps than they currently do on their social media accounts. They will also use their new platforms to shut down pesky rumors. So I’m pretty sure every media outlet out there has a subscription now. The sisters spent a year to a year and a half prepping content for their apps. AND finally no haters allowed
2015-09-17 11_06_35-Kylie Jenner's App Tops iTunes Chart _ People.com

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