Recently I was invited to do an Airwick collaboration, here is my first The secret to living with dogs. From that invitation I received an air wick electric wax melter.

I really enjoy review this product, because well yes when you buy the wax melter the scents wax melts are not included, BUT YOU KNOW WHAT IS the AC adpter! The cable isn’t the sexist cable in the world but think about how many batteries you would go through!!

While I enjoy the safety and ease of this flameless device and the way it diffuses scent through a room better than a traditional candle, there is no flame. The best thing about this was I’m not longer a threat to burning down my house!

Basically it’s a little hot plate that gets warm enough to melt wax and a ceramic bowl that sits on top and it comes detachable power cable. The melted wax solidifies again pretty quickly when the power is turned off and to remove just turn it back on quickly and as the plate is warming up at come point you will be able to just flick off the wax effortlessly.

 I received two scents with this product and lucky for me two packs of my favourite scent too. Turquoise oasis and winter moments, I know winter is over, but the winter moments scent is delicious.

My mum has really taken to the wax melter as she now has it on in the other room before guest come she isn’t afraid that the house will burn down because the something looked at the flame the wrong way.

I definitely recommend give this product a try, I think its great especially if you’re a forgetful person.

so this is Boston enjoying life’s pleasures

hank you again Airwick and Isabel at

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