I dye my hair red and to minimise colour fading I don’t always wash my hair so dry shampoo is a must.  I mentioned it in am earlier post Beauty Tips for lazy people. So today I thought I would do Commandments of using Dry Shampoo

DO use it the night before! This minimises the white powdery residue and allows time for the dry shampoo to soak in all the oils. Your hair produces oil whilst you sleep so using dry shampoo the night before absorbs the oil and leaves hair fresh come morning. ( This tip could possibly change your life!)

DON’T spray it all over your head as if it was hairspray. Unless grey hair is the look you’re going for. Not targeting areas or just spraying aimlessly will just make you look like you have exploded a packet of flour over your head.

DO use a comb to make a number of partings across your hair – spray parting, along the roots. This gets the dry shampoo exactly where you need it and minimises the white powdery residue. Massage with fingers.

DON’T instantly start massaging you hair, allow 5-10 minutes before you massage it in, so that the dry shampoo can soak up the oils

DO use a bristle brush is better with dry shampoo and helps work the formula in more

DON’T use dry shampoo on wet hair. It doesn’t work like that dry mean DRY. Dry shampoo is intended to absorb oil from the scalp, adding it to damp hair will do nothing for you.

DO use a hair dryer to fix your hair if you put too much dry shampoo in your hair, just blow-dry it a little bit and massage it through.

DON’T touch your hair once you have massaged it into your hair, your fingers will make it greasy

Washing your hair too much, it can actually produce more oil, so try washing less frequently and use a dry shampoo in between for maintenance. This will save your hair colour and your Hair

My favourite brands of dry shampoo are Batiste and TRESemme, click the picture and it will take you to their website. I like them because they don’t break the bank and they do what they are meant to.

6 thoughts on “The Commandments of using Dry Shampoo

  1. Thank you for the tips. I have jet black hair and dry shampoo always leaves a white residue in my hair. I’m going to try these and hopefully that won’t be a problem anymore. 🙂


  2. I have tried at least a dozen dry shampoo and Batiste is hands down my favorite! If you visit or know someone in England, it’s sooooo much cheaper over there. I stock up and when I have friends and family visit they bring some for me too. 😁


  3. Thank you for this post, I must have been under a rock because I Never heard of beauty subscriptions until June, never heard of dry shampoo until then either. Right now my hair is that red that you have in your hair and I notice every time I wash my hair, no matter what I use, even if it says non stripping, color safe, etc…I see my color wash out with the shampoo and conditioners ..:(
    Now, even though I’ve heard of dry shampoo I never really liked into it … never used it. I want to now and it’s nice to have do’s and don’ts


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