With the new movie Oddball recently released my baby Boston as gotten a lot of attention.

I want to start by saying Maremma are generally not suited to suburbia due to barking and over protective behaviour.

So while walking Boston a lot of little kids have yelled out Oddball and have come to pat Boston, which hasn’t been bad but Boston isn’t like every dog and he is especially not like every Maremma. Maremmas are a wonderful breed of dog, they are loyal, friendly and intelligent, but many people are unprepared for some of their not to fun traits. They have a tendency to bark and when off the lead may not come back without a fight. They might not listen to your commands when they feel a threat presenting itself. Pretty much they know when it’s a trap.

Boston on the other hand, does have some naughty traits as above but he was socialized very young with both people and other dogs so he doesn’t have some of the even worst traits which is they can be wary of strangers. He isn’t ever too over protective and he is just a dream.

I wanted to make this post to let people know as with ALL dog they need training, it’s very rare that your dog is going to be a perfect pup from day dot. But with the right training and love any dog can be a friend for life.

I thought I will leave you with all the adorable photos of Boston12028971_10153743328698313_1784856640_n 12022970_10153743328638313_1086013218_n12033711_10153743328643313_1844747678_n  12047609_10153743328728313_1319517220_n 12042288_10153743328753313_1776437959_n 12053389_10153743328778313_1865131597_n 12041870_10153743328658313_1859762629_n 12032576_10153743328683313_1881994155_n 12030656_10153743328733313_423860077_n 12029046_10153743328688313_1499274784_n 12028963_10153743328668313_1488055993_n 10544989_10153743328708313_616540873_n 11998503_10153743328743313_1279626678_n 12016437_10153743328723313_621790716_n IMG_9973

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