I’ve been there its 5am, it’s been a long night of dancing and drinking. All you want to do now is just lie down and count sheep. We all know that sleeping in makeup is bad for your skin. Yet we all keep doing it but NO we must stop!

Sleeping in makeup is one of the worst things you can do to your skin! It blocks your pores, leaving oils trapped inside. Which guess what ladies…. leads to bacteria build up, breakouts, and enlarged pores!!! Not only that it can cause aging ladies…. aging!!

So next you plan on skipping your skincare routine before bedtime think again.

If you know your gonna have a big one prepare yourself for your lazy self, put makeup wipes/remover and at least a good moisturizer by your bed. So you can at least remove the makeup in bed and do a little skin loving.

The best makeup remover you can use is micellar water. It removes all traces of make-up – even eyeliner and mascara. To get the most out of your micellar water, squirt a generous amount on a soft cotton pad and wipe your face repeatedly until your skin is clean and clear of any traces of dirt and make-up.

5 thoughts on “Stop Sleeping in your Make up

  1. I know this is bad but I’m so guilty on this. Specially after a very long day. This a nice tip. I should start doing this. Putting some make up remover cleansing wipes at bed side.


  2. I almost never leave my makeup on when I go to sleep, but last night I did and I’ve been slapping myself ever since *cue massive satellite of a breakout on my nose* 😦 It’s nice to get a reminder to actually do it every night though haha xox


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