Sometimes you should have cleaned your place weeks ago but you still haven’t and now you’re living in your own filth. I know I have a habit of just throwing my clothes all over the floor and when I’m going out and rushing around my beauty products are everywhere. So here are some tips and tricks to fake it.

Things to focus on are bathrooms and lounge area.

Stuff of the floor?

Shove it in a basket, once your guests leave, you can empty that basket right back on the floor.

Stuff on tables/counters?

Books and magazines can be stacked they look cuter this way. Everything else put them in a basket or bag, you can empty that basket right back once they leave.

Dirty dishes?

If you have dishwasher LOAD IT. If not, neatly stack your dishes and stash it all in the refrigerator or oven.

Dirty bathroom?

Wipe down sink and mirrors, top and underside of the toilet seat, the flusher button, and the top of the tank. Clean your toilet by spraying it, let it sit, brush it then flush it. Finally put out fresh towels

Finally my favourite trick:

Light a candle

A candle does many things. It makes your house smell amazing and it mask all the dirty musky smells, and it gives your home a feeling that it always smells this nice.

Product recommendation:

Air wick life scents jar candle in winter moments

If all fails start vacuuming before they come and just apologise that the house is a mess and you were just cleaning it

2 thoughts on “Fake a Clean House

  1. This is amazing! Totally cracked me up too because I totally do some of these things! Now I have even more tips to help out when I’m in a tight crunch!! Great postn


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