Here are some real easy makeup tips to add your routine, or to help you cut down your routine in summer.

In the summer months I only use a few products because wearing too much makeup in summer is just a bad idea. I also like to limit the amount of products so I’m not spending all day painting my face.

Start with SPF protection. Its summer, its sunny! I normally buy a BB or foundation with coverage however in summer I use a dedicated SPF cream because it’s much more sunnier and I find that I sit in the sun more often. I’m using SunSense Daily Face SPF 50+

Using a BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer is a quick & easy way to even out your skintone and its not to heavy. I’m currently using Garnier Miracle Skin Cream Day cream

Mineral powder over the top of your tinted moisturizer or BB cream will smooth out imperfections & cut back redness, giving your skin a beautiful satiny finish and set your “makeup”. I’m using Nude by Nature Natural Mineral Cover

Blusher is an instant face brightener, it warms the face. I’m using MAC pro longwear blush in Blush all day

In summer a long wearing eyeliner is always a good idea, I use the Maybelline  eyestudio master precise ink pen eyeliner. It has a really thin tip that I use to build up my look depending on how I feel that day

When applying mascara take care to layer it on to the lashes while they are still wet to avoid ‘clumping’. I’m currently using Maybelline Lash Sensational Black Pearl Waterproof. I like using waterproof in summer because you never know when I might drop by the beach or end up just sweating up a storm.

Light to medium lipsticks are the most flattering,  as bright colours exaggerate imperfections like yellow teeth & lines round the mouth. But Red lipstick stick can add that touch of glamour to your look. Remember to use a lip liner to prevent bleeding. I’m currently using Rimmel Dare to go bare! New Nude collection from Kate Moss in 42

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