A short Hiatus

Hey Guys I’m yet again on another hiatus.

I know I do go in and out of blogging, but please bare with me through this one.

I recently lost a friend, he passed away in a car accident and I’ve just been in a lost for word kind of state.

Your mind wonders what if this and that, It backtracks to all those times back when you could have called, it wonders why you guys did slowly drift apart, but most of all it hopes that they knew how much they did mean to you.

I’ve thought about it a lot over the past few days, I realise I’m very numb to the thought of death and illness. A part of me realises, it could just be a coping mechanism and then another part of me is making myself take some time and let everything settle and take a breath and give myself the time to mourn.

Thanks and love

7 thoughts on “A short Hiatus

  1. Do sorry for your loss 🙁 we understand if you need some time away, but don’t forget that we’re always here for you if you need someone :)♡

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