I just want to say Victoria is really bad at keeping her secrets! I know horrible joke.

Yesterday in a very sexy not so secret fashion 15 the most impossibly gorgeous Angels  and 29 other models (including one of the Kendal Jenner) walked the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show dressed in the most expensive Bras and undies with feathers and “wings” attached.  They had Selena Gomez, The weeknd and Ellie Goulding as the musical acts but I hated what Selena wore, they really didn’t make her look as attractive as they could have.

I wait for the release in 26 Days.

So I here are some gorgeous photos of what we can’t see yet. But for even more of the photos go the Victoria’s Secret site for all collection of all the insta picts from the girls

Randomly if you want to buy the official VS show Wrap its $210.41!!!!
2015-11-12 15_11_50-Victoria's Secret on Instagram_ “Your #VSFashionShow Class of 2015! 🎓😍 Tune in

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