Bathed in black, fuelled by the darkest desires, rich colours in their deepest versions simmer against a mysterious backdrop with M∙A∙C Dark Desires. As night falls, sinfully delicious lips, sultry stares, and noir-hued nails emerge from the evening’s depths. It never felt so good to be bad.

Available Online 24th of Nov and instore December 3rd.

I can’t wait for this new range to be released, I’m hopping they launch it in Australia roughly around the same time beause the colours are amazing!

Lets look at the collection

First the Limited Edition range:

Lipsticks –  $17US

  • Black Night – Black with red and gold pearl
  • Ring My Bell – Pale cool neutral 
  • Boyfriend Stealer – Blackened plum 
  • Heavy Petting – Burgundy

The Well Eyeshadow – $20US

  • Beg For It – Black
  • Dark Desires – Blackened eggplant
  • Midnight Tryst – Chocolate brown
  • Switch Me On – Dark navy
  • What’s Your Fantasy – Black with heavy multi-coloured pearl
  • Think Kink – Greyed silver-white

Studio Eye Gloss – $16.50US

  • Erogenous Zone – Violet with multi-coloured glitter
  • Pearl Varnish – White gloss with pearl
  • Spank Me – Black with multi-coloured glitter

Studio Nail Lacquer – $12Us

  • 6-Inch Stilettos – Blackened blue
  • Unzipped – Blackened green

The new permanent range

Khol Power Eye Pencil – $16.50

  • Feline – Black
  • Orpheus –  Intense black with gold pearl
  • Mystery – Intense black with green pearl
  • Raven – Intense black with red pearl

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