Maybelline Up in Smoke Palette & Gilded in Gold Palette

Maybelline created this limited edition palette that’s so much more than just eye shadow. In addition to the four eye shadows, there’s a liner, blush, highlighter, and lip color. There is also another limited edition palette called Gilded in Gold with lighter neutrals if that’s more your style.  Both palettes are very affordable.

The pink powder blush from the Up in Smoke palette for my completion is a little too pink so I preferred the Holiday Kit in Gilded in Gold. Holiday Kit in Gilded in Gold includes nude, gold and bronze eye shades, deep apricot blush, bronzer and red lipstick. You can get this from  $14.99 at ulta.commtm0ndawnjuxmtk0mdu4nzyy

Maybelline Holiday Kit in Up in Smoke



mtm0ndawnjuxmtk0mdq2otqy2 Maybelline Holiday Kit in Gilded


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