I wanted to touch on a topic very dear to my heart. Depression. I want to start bey saying it’s more than just sadness. Any one who knows me knows that I’m bubbly and high energy however being a bubbly person doesn’t mean you don’t experience depression and anxiety. Mental health issues don’t discriminate, even for people who appear happy and cheery get depression.   I hate that this topic is taboo, we need to discuss mental health more. I hate that people say that “X” person died of suicide, no they die of depression. Depression is an illness, not a choice of lifestyle.  When people just tell you to be happy, you can’t, not when you have depression, it doesn’t work like that. If someone you know just died and I told you to be happy, could you? Probably not.

I’ve come along away from the person I used to be, however certain feelings they never leave and really my point here today isn’t to tell you to be happy, but rather to say there are people out there who support you. You are never alone. You may feel alone however there are so many people out there who are here for you. The other point is if you are lucky enough to not experience depression or anxiety please be there for someone else. Some times just the simple gesture of making small talk makes all the difference in someones day.

Everyone is different, there isn’t a basic 10 steps to not be depressed. I wish there was but there isn’t, it’s just something we need to work at.  Something that the first step is the hardest, the step to reach out and say something, to say I need help, but for some depression takes you voice away from you. The only real advice that I can say is seek help sooner rather than later, I feel like every day just guess harder and harder if you don’t.

I leave you with some important details and links


Age: 12-25
To talk to someone and get advice about tough issues
1800 650 890


For support and advice in a personal crisis. Phone counselling 24/7 and online web chat available 8pm-4am AEST.
13 11 14
Online text chat

Please visit Get immediate support to contact the beyondblue Support Service and for details of other national crisis and help lines.

The beyondblue Support Service provides advice and support via telephone 24/7 (just call 1300 22 4636), daily web chat (between 3pm–12am) and email (with a response provided within 24 hours).



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2 thoughts on “Reaching out

  1. Yeah..depression is smthing really dangerous .The person just needs affection and attention and shouldnt be ignored at all.
    If we find anyone feeling very low in our frns or family circle,keeping quite most of the time,being unsocial and uninteractive, we should always make a point to speak to him/her.Try to find out the reason and help in solving it.Also shouldnt leave that person alone.As it can really prove to be fatal.


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