Yes I know everyone has been discussing the who wore what of the Emmys but well I want to give you my two cents too. Also I’m doing this thing where I just blog about everything.

I love watching red carpet events I’m that person sitting on my couch judging and rating the best and worst dress while dressed like a bum. Some of my favourite moments or mentionable moments are the kids of “Stranger Things” handing out peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Game of Throne, as if we didn’t realised they were pretty much going to win everything and Jimmy Kimmel’s had na hilarious opening monologue.

Okay but now to the serious stuff, my pick to the best dress. I’m going to go straight for my favourite person of course was Kristen Bell. It might be because I love her, it might be best she played Veronica Mars but it doesn’t matter she looked AMAZING!

Follow closing by Priyanka Chopra. She just looked like a glamazon. I loved the red dress I think she looked stunning.


Emilia Clarke, looked stunning in nude.emmys-2016-best-dressed-emilia-clarke

Sofia Vergara as always looked great, I don’t think she has ever looked bad


And finally Laverne Cox, she looked like the golden Globe.


Who what you favourite on the red carpet? Are you like me to you enjoy watching the red carpet events?

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