It’s scary when you start seeing a crazy amount of your hair collecting in your hair brush or going down the drain when you shower ( or clogging your drain).

There’s a few main reasons why your hair is breaking and falling out.

Did you recently dye your hair?

Anytime you dye your hair, you’re going to damage it and irritate your scalp to some degree. No matter how “gentle” your hair dye claims to be, it will be damaging and there will be breakage and some hair falling out. If you Bleach your hair extremely dry if you bleach it no matter what. Bleach/peroxide strips the hair melanin from the hair and strips the natural hair oils from you hair during the process. Hello straw for hair. I have been there a few times. Guess what dry hair is prone to breaking and falling out  You can try synthetic products to moisturize your hair and scalp but I don’t recommend them unless you know what you’re doing they tend to lead to even more breakage and irritation.

A good home remedy is olive oil.
Make sure all the beach and dye is out of your hair and cover your whole head in olive oil and wear a warm shower towel or cap. Leave for a a few hours and wash with warm water only, some shampoos cam strip away all your hard work. Allow hair to dye naturally.

Did you use a hair straightener?

Hair straightener your hair can lead to hair breakage no matter how much leave in heat protecting product you’re using. It’s insanely crucial not using a flat iron every day, especially if your hair is bleached or colored. If you’re addicted to using a hair straightener, at least allow your hair to dry naturally after washing it, you don’t want to also blow dry your hair as it also cause heat damage and use the olive oil hair mask mentioned above.

I dye and use a hair straightener to curl my hair all the time I find that the olive oil hair mask is amazing, do remember to do a patch test just in case your skin has any issues with olive oil.

I think something that everyone needs to remember about hair is that its DEAD. Everything you see is DEAD, so it needs extra love and care.  Many things can damage your hair

  • Washing your hair too often doesn’t allow the oils get to the ends,
  • If your hair is too long the natural oil might never make it to the ends,
  • Hot showers, hot water strips the hair and scalp of natural oils,
  • Shampoo & conditioners, be careful what brands you buy some contain ingredients that cause hair loss,
  • Changing your diet, vegan or vegetarian life style can experience excessive hair fall out due to the lack of iron,
  • Medication,
  • Pregnancy,
  • wearing your hair too tight,
  • Birth control,
  • and let’s not forget stress,

So many things can contribute to your hair loss and damage so its really important to love your hair!!

One thought on “Olive Oil Hair Mask

  1. My Mom just taught me this just last week! And it’s amazing as it works like magic. I’ve never had my hair look and feel so moisturized and conditioned in all my life! I didn’t have to put in any pomad to flat iron my hair curly. What a miracle! And my hair is starting to fall out from prednisone that I’m on so this helps so much to make me feel a bit better about my thinning hair. So neat to see you post about it. Thanks! 😊


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