If you weren’t blessed with long sexy lashes, hello welcome to the club. I have think I missed a memo, maybe like 10. My lashes are short and sad but its okay the beauty industry caters for me. Ladies with short lashes we have 4 options Mascara, False Eyelashes, Eyelash Extensions or Eyelash Growth Serums.


Mascara most likely the most popular way we enhance their eyelashes. there is such a huge range out there, in seconds you can achieve instant length, volume, and curl.


  • Replace your mascara every three months.
  • Wiggle your mascara up in a zig-zag motion from the base of your lashes for full application and separation. No clumping!
  • Apply a second coat while the first one is still wet.
  • Remember to remove your mascara, its essential for lash health.


For amazing perfect lashes say hello to falsies. Glue on flashies will give you the extra length and volume that mascara can’t. I’m a lover of falsies.


  • Remember to measure your lashes, some false eyelashes need to be cut to fit the lash line. If your falsies are too long at the edges will make the eyes look droopy.
  • Falsies are the last step to eye makeup
  • Allow the glue to slightly dry for ten seconds or so before placing it on the eye.
  •  Hold the corners down gently while the glue sets to avoid lifting.


For a more “permanent” option, consider eyelash extensions. Individual lash extensions are glued on to individual natural lashes by a beauty therapist. Eyelash extension last about 4 -6 weeks. I used to get them all the time but I ended up going back to Falsies because it was easier to maintain. Plus I use eyeliner daily and extensions are a big fan of eyeliner.


  • Choose  the right salon. This is not something you want to do on the cheap.
  • Avoid using mascara on your extensions, and keep eyeliner to a minimum.
  • Removing of eye makeup can loosen the bonds of the glue, and cause lashes to fall out prematurely.
  • Gently wash your lashes daily after the first 24 hours.
  • Comb through your lashes with a clean mascara wand daily to separate them. You must do this step or they get tangled!!
  • Return to your beauty therapist every two to three weeks for maintenance. Loose lashes will be removed, and new lashes applied where necessary.
  • If you would like to remove all of your eyelash extensions, go back to the salon to avoid lash breakage.


I’ve never used lash growth serums but they have gained popularity in the last few years.  Prices vary, and products can be purchased from pharmacies, beauty and salons. Daily application is required for four to six weeks, then twice weekly usage will maintain your results.

  • Precise application is essential.
  • Be patient. Expect visible results within four to six weeks.
  • You should still invest in a great mascara to further enhance lashes.
  • This will strengthen the natural lashes and prevent breakage.

I’ve never tried eyelash growth serums, I’m not against it, I just haven’t really be motivated to try. I love my falsies, I mix it up all the time and where different lashes to get different effects. Eyelash extension was a luxury that I tired for a while, It does look nice but because I have short sad lashes it doesn’t look as amazing are other people, so for me falsies are best.

16 thoughts on “Eye Lash Love

  1. I just recently tried lash extensions and am now recovering from the lash breakage that resulted in it. I let them all fall out naturally over 6-7 weeks, and I know people say they don’t ruin your natural lashes, but these definitely thinned them out. I am now using a lash regrowth serum and on week 3. Finally starting to see signs of my old lashes returning, lol!

    I think I’ll stick with falsies, like you mentioned, for lash love 😉

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  2. I love the blunt way you introduced this topic. Also, your pro-tips save my face an ache. I forget you’re meant to replace mascara every 3 months, which might explain the clumps I sometimes see around my eyes!

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  3. I use fiber mascara instead of falsies ~~~ I like that I can build up. A friend of mine does the extensions for a living, but I agree, it’s an expensive luxury 🙂

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  4. ladies! I did a diy on eyelash extensions! If you don’t wanna spend the money I’d highly suggest you diy them! Seriously the best idea.



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