Its almost summer and this is a serious topic ladies and gentlemen, Sunscreen. Scientific evidence supports the benefits of using sunscreen to minimize short-term and long-term damage to the skin from the sun's rays. Here is a quick list of sunscreen you can buy Anthelios XL Ultra-light SPF 50+ I use this one, I find it isn’t … Continue reading Sunscreen

Mascara 101

Are you getting the best out of your mascara? Here are some simple tips to prefect your makeup routine Don't pump your mascara wand in and out, this will push air into the tube and cause your mascara to dry out faster. Swirl!!! Replace you mascara every three months for hygiene reasons and generally it … Continue reading Mascara 101

Eye Lash Love

If you weren't blessed with long sexy lashes, hello welcome to the club. I have think I missed a memo, maybe like 10. My lashes are short and sad but its okay the beauty industry caters for me. Ladies with short lashes we have 4 options Mascara, False Eyelashes, Eyelash Extensions or Eyelash Growth Serums. … Continue reading Eye Lash Love