Nail Care

With winter moving in for the next 3 months lets talk nail care Trimming The trimming length comes down to personal preference. The only thing to be careful of is not going too short. You should always leave a slight bit of the white tip, even if your preference is for short nails. There is [...]

Basic foundation buys

Face Basics While the best way to have amazing skin is to have an awesome skin care routine. It doesn't hurt to have a little help that doesn't break the bank. The 3 things you need are foundation, concealer, and powder. The most important thing to note when choosing these products is your skin tone. In [...]

Basic makeup tips

Here are some real easy makeup tips to add your routine, or to help you cut down your routine in summer. In the summer months I only use a few products because wearing too much makeup in summer is just a bad idea. I also like to limit the amount of products so I'm not [...]

Day 7 and 8

Some days its just easier for me to take the photo later at night then in the morning as I'm on the train and generally running late for work. But here is day 7, Autumn look. I've gone for a red lipstick with gold eye shadow. Nothing to much but this is apparently what is [...]


I've been so MIA this March, I'm sorry I've been so busy with the wedding plans I'm got the venue, caterers and photographer BOOKED I even did my MARCH flower trail run 🙂 I put up a quick photo of the flowers last post and haven't done much since I plan to do a how [...]

Day 3 of my Good Hair week

Day 3 I actually did this style while on the train... I'm sure everyone around me was annoyed at my constant re-attempts. The side on my chignon looks lovely the back not so much. I feel like if my hair was shorter it would have been easier. For the tutorial for this look I visited [...]

DIY – wedding

Things I plan to DIY, because well i'm crazy and it's cheaper My flowers Yep my flowers, Thursday morning i'm going to the market and i'm going to buy pastel colored roses and lot of wild flowers! Save the date cards, invitations and all things paper I'm gonna design them myself and get them printed [...]