The Night Noodle Markets

It's on again and it's delicious. Once we get over the fact that there is more non-noodle dishes than noodle dishes therefore they should really change the name. We can enjoy the delicious food! I love the night noodle market, it's just the one event that has been planned at well, it spaced out enjoy [...]

Mission Mexican Festival

Food, beber (drink) and balilar (dance) Over the weekend, the Mission Mexican Festival was on. It was packed, but it was amazing. It's been happening since 2012 and the atmosphere and food was amazing . So food was in abundance Mexican restaurants such as Touche Hombre,  Mamasita, La Tortilleria, Mexico City, Guzman y Gomez, South [...]

Weddings By Papertents

Sorry I haven't made a post in a little while, I hope you missed me, I've been so busy working on Papertents - wedding planning. It is INSANE styling weddings. Some brides are amazing to work with and some are very stressed. I've fallen in love with this project of mine and I wouldn't have [...]